Marilyn Bowie
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Marilyn is 80?  You've got to be kidding!

Well, I've missed your party, Marilyn.

But Ehtesham, Mary Jo and I will be there to continue your celebration, in May. And despite my failure to make it to New York this week, I hope you will help me celebrate my next significant birthday....70, on January 25, 2008. We're celebrating it in Buenos Aires (what ELSE can you do on a birthday in January, especially when almost all of your friends have given up skiing and snowboarding?!) I would REALLY be dreading turning 70 if I didn't have your wonderful example - you really know how to ignore the number of years, and just enjoy them.


  - - Ann Tubbs
Marilyn can't possibly be eighty?  My little sister is almost three years younger then I am, and I am (in my own mind) thirty nine years old and still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Much love.   - - Bob
Some years ago. Marilyn, Bob and I flew to Pittsburgh. We had to connect to another plane And Marilyn was certain we would not make it. Lo and behold (this was like an action movie) Marilyn spots an airport cart she commandeered the car (luckily no-one was on it) , jumps onto it and says to us "lets go guys"...the driver was speechless. Needless to say, we made the connecting flight. You are full of life and possess an immeasurable amount of energy, fun and zest for life. Marilyn, my Birthday wish to you is do not change. . Happy 80th and much love.   - - San

Marilyn knows more people (and vice versa) than any anyone on any coast and in most of Europe, India, China, and New Guinea, not to mention more ordinary ones like Athens, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Alaska etcetera… I however have not been so fortunate, but I can at least claim I’m older…not a lot but enough so I have some bragging rights.  Maybe I’ll be able to catch up, though I seriously doubt it….catching up with Marilyn is not easy.  However, it’s always fun, rewarding and challenging…and I sure wish I could be with you all to celebrate her birthday!!!!.

  --Dottie Saltzman
Your grandparents did look old, even if we had them copied on photoshop; you definitely do not. Your energy, your sense of humor, your interest in everything is what is so astonishing. I love you as a friend and an extra bonus is that I'm related to you.
  --Selma Miller
Marilyn proves that 80 is the new 50
  --May Del Rio
Aunt Marilyn will certainly be the youngest 80 year old we've ever known.
  --Andrew Miller
I am shocked.  Your mother is the youngest looking 80 year old I ever met.   --Doug Gould
 I think we Miller/Bowies are blessed with amazing genes - if all 3 Miller siblings are already over 80, I can only hope my health is going to be exponentially more fabulous as I continue to "mature."   --Coco Miller
I'll be happy to attend the party for your mom on March 11th, though I find it hard to believe that she will be 80!   --Eve Paul
Hello from Israel.  I don't know to write in English so good , but Marilyn is really something special. We love her very much and all of you.  I wish to be there...  A lot of Mazal Tov.   -- Aya Marc & all the children.