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Aniela Binczak


Aniela Binczak and family lived in house near to Metzger family in Przemysl at Czavnieckig 25. Pre WWII, Aneila was married to Miroslau Wojtowicz and they had Jerzy in 1941. Edward Metzger (also know as Isaac) was married to Laia and they had 4 children. Miroslau and Edward went to fight with the Russian army against Germany. Miraslau was killed in action. In 1944-5 Edward came home to Przemysl. His wife and 4 children were gone, murdered by Nazis. Edward married Aneila, who was 20 years his junior, and adopted Jerzy as son.

Jerzy and Anna had 2 daughters, Catherine and Marta. I have been in touch with Catherine (Kasia) since 2004.

The story of how we found Aneila is here.

Jerzy & Ania Michal, Anna Kasia, Anna, Michal Warchol Kasia, Anna, Leszek Jerzy
    Edward (Isaac) Metzger    
Isaac & Laia Isaac's first family   Jerzy, Edward, Aniela