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Metzger Gallery

Edward (Isaac) Metzger Murray Metzger Murry and Shirley Metzger Harry  & Molly Flamhaft David Metzger Markus (Motre) Metzger (retouched by MBM)
Miguel (Michael) Metzger Wilma, Dave, Ida, Fannie Metzger Chana Laufer, Murray & Dave Metzger Fannie Metzger Silberman Fannie, Dot and Emil
Bottom Row:  Left - Michael Cullen    Right- Andy Cullen Up 1 row:  Wilma, Harriet Miller, Esther Miller Up 1 more:  Dorothy, Fannie, Ruby, Frieda Cullen Esther Metzger and Sam Miller Yetta Laufer & Chana Laufer Metzger The Metzger's Przemysl Apartment at 25 Czarnieckiego  
 Dave & Ida Metzger Edward (Izac), Lala and Children Metzger Miguel (Michael), Chavela, Gladys, Ester Metzger Fannie Metzger/Metzger Girls/Parties
Metzger Family (with notes) Markus & Harry @ Ellis Island Yetta Laufer & Chana Laufer Metzger
Metzgers in Miami