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Old Family Post Cards

(In German) For my beloved Fella Sen?del - Emil

In commemoration from Rotterdam this is sent by Emil and Laufer, Havana, December 4th, 1926


(In German) Madame Fella Metzger, Przemysl, Czarnieckiego Street No 25

In eternal? commemoration from the friends Emil Silberman and his Fella ? Dornb..? L?, Paris, April 4th, 1925


(In German) To Mr Metzger Markus, New York, Attorney Str 145, America

Przemysl June 20th,

Dear Father, we are ready to travel. Please send us immediately boat tickets and travel money. It will be now officially confirmed? in Warsaw and we are simply waiting for the boat tickets....  send two tickets .... green card without hesitation.... Fela Jok?...


Swieciany, [DRS: this is in Lithuania near Vilna. Perhaps Emil was wounded and treated in this hospital WWI or in Polish-Russian war]  January 4th, 1922    District hospital No 1

? Metzger  (In Russian) For a commemoration to our good friend Zilberman from two nources Sara and Tekla


Przemysl, December 22th, 1923

(In Polish) As the evidence of a real friendship we send you our photograph Fella and Emil


Silberman Emil, Dick Wilhelm, Bernard Wolman?

In commemoration of Havana (this card is being sent) by your friends and husband Emil, for Fannie


(In Polish) For beloved Emil and Fania in commemoration El?... Fryd?

Lvov, January 24th, 1937 picture taken in 1931

[I think this is Elia and wife Fryda marriage photo]

(In Polish) Przemysl, December 19th, 1925?

Hearty greatings and kisses from Emil

In commemoration kisses are being sent by Emil

Card translations by Andrzej Selerowicz    
For a commemoration to a really good (female) friend from E. Silberman and H. Landau


  David Metzger - Przemysl 1925 Morris Nussennow & Emil - Havana May 26, 1930 Fella - 1926 - NYC
Muni Getter Przemysl - Dec 22 1923 Ruth & Morris Nussenow Emil - Havana
Elia  Silberman Chaya Silberman Getter ?? ??
7/3/38 ??